It all started when one of our founders got married and received an expensive gift. As often happens, he went to the shop, swapped it for a gift voucher, which was promptly folded and put into his wallet. Time passed, and with it the expiry date on the voucher, and the money had gone down the drain, as simple as that. After getting upset, he realised that he was probably not the first person to have suffered from this incident, and that it must be a fairly widespread problem that many people face and are forced to deal with. Further research has revealed that about 30% of vouchers in the world are not used each year. That amounts to about £65 B, which ends up in the bin. We decided to find a solution, and created a marketplace for gift vouchers. Do you have a voucher and have no use for it? Sell it and get cash instead. Do you want to decide how much you pay for your favorite brands? Buy a voucher at below face value.